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We’re all winners!

Posted on: November 29th, 2016 by Amy Maynard

This month we catch up with the two lucky winners of the MAN “66 Legends” truck competition, Peter Wood and Bryan Oliver.

Employees were invited to enter a contest for the chance to drive two of the trucks secured by Jempsons that were produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of England’s 1966 World Cup victory and MAN’s centenary. Entrants had to supply some general employment statistics as well as explaining, in 50 word or less, why they should drive one of the World Cup trucks.

Peter, 48, who began working for the company in 2000, chose to share his memories of his time as a boy out with his father in his cab when he worked for Jempsons.

“I have been coming to Jempsons since I was seven. I remember the first 240/280 MAN lorry bought second hand. On school holidays I’d go to work with my dad, doing nights away in his first sleeper cab. Lots of great memories! Not too many other drivers remember the first MANs,” he wrote.

He was surprised to discover he’d won. “I’d been badgering Stephen [Parker, British Gypsum Contract Manager] to tell me who’d won. It was a shock when I found out. The only things I’ve won in the past have been drinking competitions,” he laughs.

Meanwhile, Bryan, 43, who has worked for Jempsons for 21 years, submitted a little ditty, as follows:

“There once was a driver called Bryan
Who was always moaning and crying.
Said his wages were crappy,
But he’d be happy
With a shiny new truck,
He’s not lying!”

“I was really surprised to win and am very proud to be driving the 66 Legends vehicle. People often comment on the personalised registration,” says Bryan.

Peter Wood

Peter Wood

Bryan Oliver (left)

In other news, the rest of the Jempsons team are also victorious as they have all just been signed up for a corporate Benenden healthcare plan, the main benefit being that if they experience waiting times with the NHS they can be seen privately. Managing Director Mark Chamberlain says, “It’s the first time the company has offered a benefit of this kind and we are really pleased to have joined up.”

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